Le Convivial Du Château La Braulterie

Blaye Côte De Bordeaux Bio

The vineyard got bigger in the course of the generations to reach a 38 hectare surface today. It  is always run in family: Olivier in the vineyard, Marie-Hélène in the wine storehouse, Sylvie in the tasting.

A.O.C. : Blaye côtes  de Bordeaux

District : Berson

Vineyard surface area: 38 Ha

Terroir : Argilo-siliceux

Grappe varietes :

65% Merlot

20% Cabernet-Sauvignon

15% Malbec


Average vine age: 25 ans

Vinification :  Traditional. Vatting of 2 weeks for an optimal extraction of the phenolic compounds.

Ageing : 12 month in oak barrel

Centilisations: 5 l / 10l

2, rue du lavoir
33870 Vayres France
+33 (0)5-57-50-18-81